Screaming Inside

Lyrics simara delilah rose of Starlit
music Max C Starlit ©2017

screaming inside
feels like I died
I know Im somewhere but I dont belong in there with
screaming inside
they fucking lied
Im not the struggles or the obstacles I wear

mundane insane ludicrous
dreaming craving that lost kiss
suffering with gratitude
seeping out of latitude
she dares prepare anihilate
boxed in a square purge the bait
lashing out with endless fate
swallowing the love tinged hate

Ill paint the walls
as mocking calls
Ill stew in suffocation breathing through my soul
they can have their taste
Ill show this face
Ill take the bullets as I pay of endless tolls

vacant lost anxiety
loose another parta me
pleasure more than fornicate
hungers poor now that you ate
one unique individual
leads their life in visual
peeling back the flesh on bone
banging down the door of home

I am no myth I aint no fable
you came for dinner so my heart’s out on the table
I am no secret I aint no curse
and if it hasnt done baby Ill be the first
and if it hasnt done baby Ill be the first