Family and money

Family and money
Dear Families of the world
A little note about money and it’s value :
It is disgusting to me that family makes such a huge deal about money
Family and others feel good about, View beings as “doing well” when one has a lot of or at least enough money~What is sick about that is they often do not care how one gets money
What they did or did not do to have money
Which backs they stepped on, who’s lives they took-none of that matters to most.
They just feel secure and “inspired” by the fact that one has that money
The value of money is fucking warped~Just because one has money or fame for that matter does not mean that person is happy, healthy or giving back to the world in ways in which we all should.
Notoriety does not mean a person is good at something either or has anything of genuine depth to offer
In this day and age we have you tube “stars” we have a president who is the president not because they are a great leader , so really on all ends of the spectrum fame is granted to a plethora of lobotomized and sometimes dangerous blow up dolls
It is not easy to survive in this life~It is fucking hard especially when you refuse to harm others to survive which if you have a ounce of a soul you will not.
What we are not told growing up is that life is mostly ugly, unnecessary cruelty caused by human speciesism~all which CAN change.
The most important lessons in life such as be yourself, follow your heart, use your voice to do good for others are not widely expressed to most.In fact if you happen to tap into to all that by the grace of god than you are penalized for it UNTIL you make enough money to “earn” the acceptance of others which for the record is an acceptance that is shallow, demented and vacant of soul.Those people should have appreciated you, stood beside you even when no one else was.
With that said life is a gift.There is beauty here and that beauty is worth fighting and living for which is one in the same because if you are not fighting for those and that which you love or those and that which deserve our love than you are not fucking living.
So dear families, stop giving your struggling family members a hard time.
If you have money and it’s not REALLY going to make you be without than SHARE it to those who are struggling.Don’t keep fucking tabs on how much you are helping others that’s not helping it’s giving to get.
If you don’t have money to share with those who need it than at the very least
Offer your support emotionally , tell them you are proud of them regardless of if the rest of the word knows who they are. Appreciate their qualities in heart and mind.
Many of the greatest contributions that others do go unnoticed and un-paid but that does not lesson their monumental value in aiding to make this world a better place.
Money is replaceable. Lives are not.
In the end of your days you can’t take money with you when you pass on but you can leave behind a wealth of compassion, gratitude, bravery, honesty and love.
~Simara Delilah Rose of Starlit