little soiled flaccid elves

There is many of them & one of you
they cackle so loudly , they smile till their faces crack
they have something they so desperately need the world to believe
because they stab most in the back
if they were just genuine & really cared for more than just their selves
they may not feel so vacunt sickly & rotting like little soiled flaccid elves
little soiled flaccid elves with two faces & megaphones of shit
so quick to be so oblivious & rip rare beauty down to the bit
troppling in a world that they assume they truly own
gluttonous and rancid they won’t bat an eye as they suck the flesh right off your bone
being unaware isn’t alluring or endearing it’s rather putrid, cowardly & weak
being unaware makes you blind to how your fucked in the ass
as you happily dance and down the lane cheek to cheek
wake up little soiled flaccid elves or your life will be near over & you’ll wonder who the fuck you are
and how the fuck you went so quickly to going nowhere very far
to all the poetic stoics and the brave revolutionaries the innovators who mold the way
I stand beside your aching beauty I see the power in what your heart’s say.
to all the outsiders and underdogs the ones who see beauty in the pit
you know that your blossoms with grow bountiful & rise up eternally out of all the shit
Simara Delilah Rose ©®2017 Starlit