Persafuckinvering Sounds easy but is hard as shit.However to live any other way is not living at all.

Persafuckinvering Sounds easy but is hard as shit.However to live any other way is not living at all.
There is no such thing as gurus, leaders or mentors unless you give others that sort of ridiculous power.(The ONLY people I personally worship are non-humans).A human will never be above though I have found some whom we walk side by side & that is something to cherish, be loyal to & nurture.
Placing anyone on a pedestal is dangerous & disrespectful to yourself
Don’t give a free pass to anyone if they are doing something unethical & immoral including yourself.
No one gets a free pass if others get unnecessarily harmed
With that said base your decisions on solid ground because what you choose to do could harm or help others.
Everyone no matter who they are has room for growth & if they do not there is no point in being alive.
We all put on our pants one foot at a time, we all pass gas.
This world is greatly disconnected when it really does not have to be, no should it be -that does not change that humans choose to make it so.
It is impossible to find anyone you agree with, connect to 100% so when you do find one whom
You connect to where it matters most that is rare and to be treasured.If you find one person you greatly connect to you are blessed.At most you will be able to count the humans on your hand that you love, respect & can really trust.
Bob Marley said this: “Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for”.
There will always be many voices telling you what to do, how to do it, what to say, what not to say.
There will always be a lot of odds against you.Always.Even when the world seems as if they are all on your side you need to know that -that can & usually is fleeting & without depth.You need to be on your own side & at the same time honest with yourself.
You need to decide what is the truth and what is really genuine & important.
You have to live with yourself, you are the one giving a contribution to life & the planet so you need to decide what that is, how you are going to do that & for whom.
The best thing you can do for others, for yourself for all life is be true to your heart & soul.Use your fucking mind, research, learn from experience and make chooses that do the least harm to innocent beings.Sounds easy but is hard as shit.However to live any other way is not living at all.
It can feel like no matter what you do, the sacrifices you make, the work, effort & soul & honesty as well as bravery you do so with makes little to no positive difference, again , the alternative is to be a total asshole, or harm others & than you know that is not anything you could do so you have to keep
Persafuckinvering and have hope -hope when it is hardest to because that when hope matters most.
Even if you feel like you have no reasons left to have faith, listen to that small quit voice underneath all the loud negative banter that says you do have faith. Greatness has always been achieved, mountains have always been moved when something seemingly small was believed in.
©2017 Simara Delilah Rose of Starlit
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