who you are

no matter how much absurd shit bothers you
Or ill will makes you heave
What matters most is the love you have for those you have
And the connections your soul does achieve
No amount of ludicrous rejections
Or places you don’t fit
Or times you have had enough
and the not a moments too soon you finally quit
Fuck all the misunderstandings
Fuck all the times your truth is dragged through the dirt
fuck all the anxieties misspent proprieties
Fuck the confusion and return of familiar hurt
It’s about when you feel at home
When you can forget
When you can break through beyond every fucking toxic inch of regret
When you remember who you are
When you know what it you are born to do
When you rise up out of the ashes and push the fuck on through
When you believe in your priceless worth
When you stand strong in a sea of crawling
When you can hear loud and clear
Your destiny’s song is calling
the answers may be missing
But you have to believe you have the tools
That something bigger is alive inside of you
than what lives in all the fools
Persafuckinvere !
©2017 Simara Delilah Rose