You are an individual, with so much to offer

Please Do not get down because of money.What you have & do not have in the bank is not your value at all.Money is Not evil, it is the fact that those who have it often ignore those who do not.I can not & never will.When I have $20 to my name & I run into someone on the street they get half.When I can not give them money I still notice them, say a prayer for them & give them some of my heart.Even though most act like we are not one, even though so much of what others do disgusts me such as cruelty to non-humans or even each other, the fact is we ARE all one, that’s not some hippy shit, that’s reality.Everything we each do holds so much power so choose your actions with thoughtfulness.
Do not let misunderstandings, judgements or even extreme toxic negativity others dart your way leave open wounds.The fact that when others do this ( be they a fucking stranger who is miserable or a blood family member ) & it makes you feel weird, ill or angry ~that says that you do not belong in it.If it was meant for you, or your destiny you would feel at home in the shit.I don’t know why people can act like such assholes & frankly it does not matter because it’s not justifiable since we could all be kinder to the world around us but I do know that what REALLY matters is the times, parts of life & people (non-human & human) who make us feel joy, awakened, empowered, at home, safe, grateful, loved = that is what you live for & that is what you need to keep going.
You are not your fucking minimum wage job, you are not your stack of bills, you are not your families weakness or baggage, you are all the unnecessary cruelty or vile shit society releases.
You are an individual, with so much to offer
with so many blessings
with unlimited possibilities!
There is ONLY ONE YOU & you have a epic destiny that is for the greater good & includes more than you alone, you have known this to be true all along
fuck anything less.It’s shit that you can & will use as fertilizer to blossom real beauty.
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