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Rock Opera
©2017 Lyrics Simara Delilah Rose /Music Max X Starlit ®


smiling faces cracked in places dilated eyes
cackling laughter hides what they after silencing the cries
they cant see they’re not free they don’t have hearts
they’re burning so yearning they’re ripped apart

words like water drown each daughter splicing souls in two
they cant hear me often fear me whats a girl to do
they cant feel they’re not real they wont survive
their palettes so phallic buried alive

oh does he hear all the beauty I have inside me
oh does he know all the truths that wont die inside me
I have waited anticipated I cant wait a moment more

knives in my back always under attack
stand up girl and ur gonna get smack
life’s a war always poor
just me an my gun cos Im gonna have fun
fuck the masses get the shit done
love’s a whore time to soar

the loss in timeless pain is smeared across their face
insanity in vain there is no humane race
no matter how you scream aloud
no one will hear the cry
they’d rather live in ignorance
and suffer till they die

pin me down on the ground
your tongue is warm
not a sound I am found
my dress is torn
up above
in your eyes I can see forever
lucid skies hear the cries
it is now or never
oh the moon
has a face
that is penetrating
its your lips
an the wet
thats inebriating
till I have no sorrow
wanna live gotta give
like theres no tomorrow

the loss in timeless pain is smeared across their face
insanity in vain there is no humane race
no matter how you scream aloud
no one will hear the cry
they’d rather live in ignorance
and suffer till they die

now I wait
past the gate
to be taken by you
must be fate
so sedate
alls forsaken I knew
an I want so much more
hungry for your swollen
cutting rot
all Ive got
wishing to be stolen
words that tease
to appease
baiting brutal beauty
tie her up
fire up
its his rightful duty
cut in two
burn right through
this is lavish rapture
chase me down
once again
its forever capture

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