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dreams have no expiration dates

never ever let anyone make you think you can not or will not accomplish whatever your dreams are.Anything IS possible & if it has not been done you can be the 1st do it!.REAL dreams have no expiration dates, they can beat all odds & giving up to those who dream these real dreams is… Continue Reading

who you are

no matter how much absurd shit bothers you Or ill will makes you heave What matters most is the love you have for those you have And the connections your soul does achieve No amount of ludicrous rejections Or places you don’t fit Or times you have had enough and the not a moments too… Continue Reading


A song about relentless passion against all odds -for all the poetic warriors & whom & what they love. Starlit presents “Intoxication” Intoxication Lyrics By Simara Delilah Rose ©2017 Music by Max I creep around my remains My asylum’s the same These invisible chains Loves the death in my brain Her with the hope in… Continue Reading

Family and money

Family and money Dear Families of the world A little note about money and it’s value : It is disgusting to me that family makes such a huge deal about money Family and others feel good about, View beings as “doing well” when one has a lot of or at least enough money~What is sick… Continue Reading


Extreme As I look into his face So sweet so sensitive so aware and responsive to every touch there is a joy that waves over me And flows out into a gush of jubilance every move I make effects him Precious I am careful to not upset him This is what it is like to… Continue Reading

I’m rooting for things to work better than just out But to fucking beam beautifully with no fears no insecurities no vile soul crushing doubt I’m rooting for every couple who is so imperfect they are perfect together Who fucking side by side past anger and lost pride make it through as a team they… Continue Reading

Persafuckinvering Sounds easy but is hard as shit.However to live any other way is not living at all.

Persafuckinvering Sounds easy but is hard as shit.However to live any other way is not living at all. There is no such thing as gurus, leaders or mentors unless you give others that sort of ridiculous power.(The ONLY people I personally worship are non-humans).A human will never be above though I have found some whom… Continue Reading