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Los Angeles love letter

By simara / May 2, 2017 / 0 Comments

thank you to my best friend in the whole world my brother Max Frank (the other half of this band) to Erika Windisch & Gary Yourofsky the two humans we admire & love, to ALL non-humans, to music, to God & even though she is far away from me ~my mom-I love you mom.I miss you.

Los Angeles love letter
Lyrics by Simara Delilah Rose
Music by Max

Sunset on sunset blvd
Palm trees that reach the stars
The wind in spring time evening
This magic town is ours

A million different lives We’ve lead
So many ways we were now dead
Against the odds we crave it
And in our hearts we’ve made it

You can’t chain us
You can’t bind us
This is our time
We are We are timeless

You can’t chain us
You can’t bind us
This is our time
We are We are timeless

Beat us down
we will rise
Love’s forever
We’ll never die

Sunrise on Hollywood peaks through
Another day we face
Oh god please see we’re trying
Alien in a human race
No way no how no one
More rejection but we’re not done
Dear regret we soar above you
Los Angeles We love you

You can’t chain us
You can’t bind us
This is our time
We are We are timeless

You can’t chain us
You can’t bind us
This is our time
We are We are timeless

No more sadnesses
Only gladness
Finally made it
Love that saved it

No more heartache
We got our break

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dreams have no expiration dates

By simara / April 26, 2017 / 0 Comments

never ever let anyone make you think you can not or will not accomplish whatever your dreams are.Anything IS possible & if it has not been done you can be the 1st do it!.REAL dreams have no expiration dates, they can beat all odds & giving up to those who dream these real dreams is never an option..
Simara Delilah Rose of Starlit starlittheband.com

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who you are

By simara / April 23, 2017 / 0 Comments

no matter how much absurd shit bothers you
Or ill will makes you heave
What matters most is the love you have for those you have
And the connections your soul does achieve
No amount of ludicrous rejections
Or places you don’t fit
Or times you have had enough
and the not a moments too soon you finally quit
Fuck all the misunderstandings
Fuck all the times your truth is dragged through the dirt
fuck all the anxieties misspent proprieties
Fuck the confusion and return of familiar hurt
It’s about when you feel at home
When you can forget
When you can break through beyond every fucking toxic inch of regret
When you remember who you are
When you know what it you are born to do
When you rise up out of the ashes and push the fuck on through
When you believe in your priceless worth
When you stand strong in a sea of crawling
When you can hear loud and clear
Your destiny’s song is calling
the answers may be missing
But you have to believe you have the tools
That something bigger is alive inside of you
than what lives in all the fools
Persafuckinvere !
©2017 Simara Delilah Rose

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By simara / April 18, 2017 / 0 Comments

A song about relentless passion against all odds -for all the poetic warriors & whom & what they love.
Starlit presents “Intoxication”

Intoxication Lyrics By Simara Delilah Rose ©2017
Music by Max

I creep around my remains
My asylum’s the same
These invisible chains
Loves the death in my brain

Her with the hope in her art
As she’s ripped part by part
Round n round to the start
No escaping your heart

oh liberation
sign says beware
the titillation
in comes despair

Ghost speak a treasures galore
Secrets seep from the floor
sing me songs from before
leave me hungry for more

bullets some from hope some from bliss
Poison’s sweet savory kiss
There’s no torture I’d miss
A pretty face with two fists

oh liberation
sign says beware
the titillation
in comes despair

oh liberation
This is your curse
the titillation
this is perverse

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Family and money

By simara / April 16, 2017 / 0 Comments

Family and money
Dear Families of the world
A little note about money and it’s value :
It is disgusting to me that family makes such a huge deal about money
Family and others feel good about, View beings as “doing well” when one has a lot of or at least enough money~What is sick about that is they often do not care how one gets money
What they did or did not do to have money
Which backs they stepped on, who’s lives they took-none of that matters to most.
They just feel secure and “inspired” by the fact that one has that money
The value of money is fucking warped~Just because one has money or fame for that matter does not mean that person is happy, healthy or giving back to the world in ways in which we all should.
Notoriety does not mean a person is good at something either or has anything of genuine depth to offer
In this day and age we have you tube “stars” we have a president who is the president not because they are a great leader , so really on all ends of the spectrum fame is granted to a plethora of lobotomized and sometimes dangerous blow up dolls
It is not easy to survive in this life~It is fucking hard especially when you refuse to harm others to survive which if you have a ounce of a soul you will not.
What we are not told growing up is that life is mostly ugly, unnecessary cruelty caused by human speciesism~all which CAN change.
The most important lessons in life such as be yourself, follow your heart, use your voice to do good for others are not widely expressed to most.In fact if you happen to tap into to all that by the grace of god than you are penalized for it UNTIL you make enough money to “earn” the acceptance of others which for the record is an acceptance that is shallow, demented and vacant of soul.Those people should have appreciated you, stood beside you even when no one else was.
With that said life is a gift.There is beauty here and that beauty is worth fighting and living for which is one in the same because if you are not fighting for those and that which you love or those and that which deserve our love than you are not fucking living.
So dear families, stop giving your struggling family members a hard time.
If you have money and it’s not REALLY going to make you be without than SHARE it to those who are struggling.Don’t keep fucking tabs on how much you are helping others that’s not helping it’s giving to get.
If you don’t have money to share with those who need it than at the very least
Offer your support emotionally , tell them you are proud of them regardless of if the rest of the word knows who they are. Appreciate their qualities in heart and mind.
Many of the greatest contributions that others do go unnoticed and un-paid but that does not lesson their monumental value in aiding to make this world a better place.
Money is replaceable. Lives are not.
In the end of your days you can’t take money with you when you pass on but you can leave behind a wealth of compassion, gratitude, bravery, honesty and love.
~Simara Delilah Rose of Starlit http://starlittheband.com

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By simara / April 15, 2017 / 0 Comments

As I look into his face
So sweet so sensitive so aware and responsive to every touch
there is a joy that waves over me
And flows out into a gush of jubilance
every move I make effects him
Precious I am careful to not upset him
This is what it is like to love really love someone with nothing but love
And I think about them
The ones who most are so ready to ignore
The ones who most discard with no second thought
As if their lives are disposable, invaluable , worthless
But they too want love
They too want a gentle touch
Fanatical is a word spewed with ignorance that kills
Fanatical meaning extreme
But it is impossible to be extreme with compassion
What is extreme is the disregard
What is extreme is cold cruel careless dismissive ways in which anyone could
demand that “their needs “ “ their wants “ be granted by taking away those who others
There is nothing more extreme than harming an innocent being
There is nothing more extreme than paying others to enslave them
There is nothing more extreme than torture to those who merely wanted kindness
There is nothing more extreme than tearing up families
who will never know the love
They were born to feel.
You say you don’t understand
Well we share that feeling
I have never understood and I never will how one could do anything less
than all they could
to protect and respect innocent lives.
As I look into his face
So sweet so sensitive so aware and responsive to every touch
there is a joy that waves over me
And flows out into a gush of jubilance
And flows out into a gush of jubilance
every move I make effects him
Precious I am careful to not upset him
This is what it is like to love really love someone with nothing but love
And I think about them
The ones who most are so ready to ignore
©2017 Simara Delilah Rose
Singer of starlit starlittheband.com

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A few things I kinda knew from even when I was a kid that apply greatly to now

By simara / April 13, 2017 / 0 Comments

A few things I kinda knew from even when I was a kid that apply greatly to now

There is genuine courage, beauty & inspiration that Individuals can be , see, hear, feel and share at any stage in life and this can come from all walks of life.More so from non-humans BUT from some special humans too.For that matter ageism is a utter crap anyone that tries to put a expiration date on you, others & what anyone can and can not do based on age is talking nonsense.Ageism is cowardice, misery and delusional toxicity spewing & nothing more.
It is inarguable that talent, courage, friendship, love, wisdom, kindness, empowerment and honesty has no age.The only thing you need to experience those is simply tapping into them, connecting & doing so with genuine honestly.

The masses are asses!From groups that claim they are heroic , angelic, humanitarian, activist and selfless , To groups that state they are experts, genius, authoritarians, masters,
Any clique, Any group No matter how fancy or cool or moral sounding or ethical deeming their label sounds if it’s a mass of humans thus I guarantee They are ALL full of : followers, hierarchy, gossip, slander, hidden agendas and basically shit.The fact is there is NO individualism in groups they basically all look, talk , think (if you call that thinking ) and act the same so anything that could be innovative looses it’s charisma & often integrity.
They will all gossip about you, they will all fuck you over & they are all doing it to each other.
Groups are a social cesspool of the least valuable qualities we humans have.
Any monumental change has always come from a brave honest individual not a group and that brave honest individual was always persecuted, rejected and opposed by the masses who than later end up applauding if not worshiping (which is ludicrous too) the very individual they persecuted, rejected and opposed.

Money ~there is nothing wrong with it.Really!! : who the fuck wants to be broke? Worrying about everything from loosing the roof over your head to counting change for basic necessities is a a nightmare especially if others depend on you.You can do great things with it for yourself and by giving back to any of the many worthy causes and beings in need.It will get you down, it will stress you out, it will keep you up at night & it will make you not want to face the day.BUT Try not to let money crush your hopes~your own worth, who you are and what you are capable of doing, who & what you love -their & your value is NOT determined by the lack of or amount of money you have or have not.
It is true the best things in life ARE free but we need money to survive & helps others to survive too.
Just do the best you can & keep going..it can be beyond difficult to survive when you are unwilling to hurt or harm others to do that.This ones a real bitch & harder to overcome than almost anything~I don’t have the answers with struggling or how to beat it I just know it can be done.
When you don’t have the answers as I often don’t have faith & give yourself so fucking credit for wanting the answers & not giving up.That DOES count & can lead you to the answers.

In the end which is the beginning PERSAFUCKINVERE
If it has not been done be the first to fucking do it
Anything IS possible despite what “they”say.
Hope is not just for hippies it is for anyone that gives a shit
whatever moves your heart & makes your soul sing is why you are doing through all this shit & well worth it

Simara Delilah Rose
Singer of Starlit
Pleasure your ears : http://starlittheband.com
Wake up :  www.adaptt.org/

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My love is a mocking far off ghost of persuasion

By simara / April 5, 2017 / 0 Comments

My love is a mocking far off ghost of persuasion
Sick of hearing the thoughts being thrown up by my soul
Sick of disconnect and the bill of the endless toll
Sick of being sick because I know there is more sickness than just my own
Such a isolation in frustration that becomes the flesh that misrepresents my home
My gnawed limbs
My monster face
Being awake & alive yet my efforted dreams leave no trace
Alone in foreign land that is a nightmare of alien invasion
My love is a mocking far off ghost of persuasion
How I hate invisible chains
When you are alive and feel like a shell of your own inspirations long & very lost remains
The sign says beware
This heart breaks of despair
It is riddled with bullets from hope and bliss
there was poison in my joy’s own sweet song filled kiss
Propped up carcass shadowy smile
How sad to find myself back amongst all the vile.
How can I travel across so many oceans and climb so many million feet walls
To end up back in the maze surrounded by apathy falls ?
One star so far a tiny bright light
So small I swear I hear it call as I am swallowed by my own fright.
Is it the death of me
Or will it be the saving of delight
I creep around my remains
My asylum’s the same
These invisible chains
Loves the death in my brain
Her with the hope in her art
As she’s ripped part by part
Round n round to the start
No escaping your heart
©Simara Delilah Rose 2017
Singer of starlit brutally beautifully sinfully seductive songs http://starlittheband.com

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By simara / April 3, 2017 / 0 Comments

I’m rooting for things to work better than just out
But to fucking beam beautifully with no fears no insecurities no vile soul crushing doubt
I’m rooting for every couple who is so imperfect they are perfect together
Who fucking side by side past anger and lost pride make it through as a team
they do whether
Im rooting for every fucking underdog who is ignored when they deserve to be seen
For every single being who has that so called impossible POSSIBLE heart wrenching fucked up amazingly swellagant dream
I’m rooting for breakthroughs FINALLY after years & decades of mistakes
After all the odds & stupid gossipy toxic -kabobs & all the succubus slobs & the take & takes
I’m rooting for the single moment that will spill timeless with blossoms of seeds sewn with soul
I’m rooting for the warriors with poetic hearts who have fought armies of naysayers & paid toll upon tolls
I’m rooting for the non-humans who have more compassion, more nobility & unarguable rights
I’m rooting for the triumphant ethereal blatant realities to spread like wildfire & rise up out of ashes of a ludicrously unnecessary abhorrent fight
I’m rooting for everything I have ever known that is genuine & true
I’m rooting for myself, for the few I love , for the many I don’t know , Im I’m rooting for you
©2017 Simara Delilah Rose
For the brutally beautifully soundtrack that goes with these lyrics pleasure your ears at :

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your value as a human being is fucking admirable.

By simara / March 27, 2017 / 0 Comments

NO one has a right to tell you how far you will go with what you love
People that try to dictate the success of others are fucking miserable fools
Fools who know they have given up & succumbed to mediocre
If you are doing something innovative & revolutionary it will scare others if they are weak
It will inspire others if they are empowered & genuine
If you have been doing what you love with who you love for the love of it
But are not getting paid or famous for it YET that does not change the success you DO have
Some people never will find their dreams or passions or be to afraid to follow them
Some people will give up on them
So if you have not given up & if you never could
If you love something and do it in a way that is genuine than you already ARE a success.
Some of the most important things you or anyone will do has NOTHING to do with money or fame
That doesn’t mean you won’t get money & fame (which you can do more good with and give back)
It just means the greatest value is in iteself having a dream and passion
and embracing that dream and passion
It Is the greatest success of all.The rest is easily accomplished by many
It is rarer to really love what you do and do it in a way that has depth & magic and beauty.
While you struggle others can make you feel like shit because you are struggling
struggling is a scary place to be
Running out of basic essentials, always teetering on loosing the roof over your families head
These things can make one feel like utter shit, and often others do make that person like shit
Because a good deal of society and family and so called friends value your worth by how much
You have in the bank
They don’t care how you get that money
They just would think you were doing well in all aspects if you have that money
But that’s sick shit
Money is what we need to survive on many levels.It can make your life hell or far better
But it does not determine your value as a human being
If you are struggling and have made a loyalty to not stepping on the backs of others, to not fucking over innocent beings to earn a paycheck than THAT is something truly priceless
And not what most would do when they are in a place of despair or even what they do now.
You have talents and a level of success that is there~ no matter who knows
And your sacrifices, you loyalty to compassion for all life even when you need to earn a fucking dollar
To keep your own family alive is fucking admirable.
Give yourself the appreciation you deserve and have earned.
You do what you do and with who you love ~ out of LOVE and the way you do it is a way only you can!
AND I DO think that in itself is a reward and blessing but I also think these seeds you have sewn will blossom into epic beauty that touches millions.
Simara Delilah Rose singer of the band Starlit
starlittheband.com ©2017

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