I’m rooting for things to work better than just out
But to fucking beam beautifully with no fears no insecurities no vile soul crushing doubt
I’m rooting for every couple who is so imperfect they are perfect together
Who fucking side by side past anger and lost pride make it through as a team
they do whether
Im rooting for every fucking underdog who is ignored when they deserve to be seen
For every single being who has that so called impossible POSSIBLE heart wrenching fucked up amazingly swellagant dream
I’m rooting for breakthroughs FINALLY after years & decades of mistakes
After all the odds & stupid gossipy toxic -kabobs & all the succubus slobs & the take & takes
I’m rooting for the single moment that will spill timeless with blossoms of seeds sewn with soul
I’m rooting for the warriors with poetic hearts who have fought armies of naysayers & paid toll upon tolls
I’m rooting for the non-humans who have more compassion, more nobility & unarguable rights
I’m rooting for the triumphant ethereal blatant realities to spread like wildfire & rise up out of ashes of a ludicrously unnecessary abhorrent fight
I’m rooting for everything I have ever known that is genuine & true
I’m rooting for myself, for the few I love , for the many I don’t know , Im I’m rooting for you
©2017 Simara Delilah Rose
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