My love is a mocking far off ghost of persuasion

My love is a mocking far off ghost of persuasion
Sick of hearing the thoughts being thrown up by my soul
Sick of disconnect and the bill of the endless toll
Sick of being sick because I know there is more sickness than just my own
Such a isolation in frustration that becomes the flesh that misrepresents my home
My gnawed limbs
My monster face
Being awake & alive yet my efforted dreams leave no trace
Alone in foreign land that is a nightmare of alien invasion
My love is a mocking far off ghost of persuasion
How I hate invisible chains
When you are alive and feel like a shell of your own inspirations long & very lost remains
The sign says beware
This heart breaks of despair
It is riddled with bullets from hope and bliss
there was poison in my joy’s own sweet song filled kiss
Propped up carcass shadowy smile
How sad to find myself back amongst all the vile.
How can I travel across so many oceans and climb so many million feet walls
To end up back in the maze surrounded by apathy falls ?
One star so far a tiny bright light
So small I swear I hear it call as I am swallowed by my own fright.
Is it the death of me
Or will it be the saving of delight
I creep around my remains
My asylum’s the same
These invisible chains
Loves the death in my brain
Her with the hope in her art
As she’s ripped part by part
Round n round to the start
No escaping your heart
©Simara Delilah Rose 2017
Singer of starlit brutally beautifully sinfully seductive songs