A few things I kinda knew from even when I was a kid that apply greatly to now

A few things I kinda knew from even when I was a kid that apply greatly to now

There is genuine courage, beauty & inspiration that Individuals can be , see, hear, feel and share at any stage in life and this can come from all walks of life.More so from non-humans BUT from some special humans too.For that matter ageism is a utter crap anyone that tries to put a expiration date on you, others & what anyone can and can not do based on age is talking nonsense.Ageism is cowardice, misery and delusional toxicity spewing & nothing more.
It is inarguable that talent, courage, friendship, love, wisdom, kindness, empowerment and honesty has no age.The only thing you need to experience those is simply tapping into them, connecting & doing so with genuine honestly.

The masses are asses!From groups that claim they are heroic , angelic, humanitarian, activist and selfless , To groups that state they are experts, genius, authoritarians, masters,
Any clique, Any group No matter how fancy or cool or moral sounding or ethical deeming their label sounds if it’s a mass of humans thus I guarantee They are ALL full of : followers, hierarchy, gossip, slander, hidden agendas and basically shit.The fact is there is NO individualism in groups they basically all look, talk , think (if you call that thinking ) and act the same so anything that could be innovative looses it’s charisma & often integrity.
They will all gossip about you, they will all fuck you over & they are all doing it to each other.
Groups are a social cesspool of the least valuable qualities we humans have.
Any monumental change has always come from a brave honest individual not a group and that brave honest individual was always persecuted, rejected and opposed by the masses who than later end up applauding if not worshiping (which is ludicrous too) the very individual they persecuted, rejected and opposed.

Money ~there is nothing wrong with it.Really!! : who the fuck wants to be broke? Worrying about everything from loosing the roof over your head to counting change for basic necessities is a a nightmare especially if others depend on you.You can do great things with it for yourself and by giving back to any of the many worthy causes and beings in need.It will get you down, it will stress you out, it will keep you up at night & it will make you not want to face the day.BUT Try not to let money crush your hopes~your own worth, who you are and what you are capable of doing, who & what you love -their & your value is NOT determined by the lack of or amount of money you have or have not.
It is true the best things in life ARE free but we need money to survive & helps others to survive too.
Just do the best you can & keep going..it can be beyond difficult to survive when you are unwilling to hurt or harm others to do that.This ones a real bitch & harder to overcome than almost anything~I don’t have the answers with struggling or how to beat it I just know it can be done.
When you don’t have the answers as I often don’t have faith & give yourself so fucking credit for wanting the answers & not giving up.That DOES count & can lead you to the answers.

In the end which is the beginning PERSAFUCKINVERE
If it has not been done be the first to fucking do it
Anything IS possible despite what “they”say.
Hope is not just for hippies it is for anyone that gives a shit
whatever moves your heart & makes your soul sing is why you are doing through all this shit & well worth it

Simara Delilah Rose
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