For those of us who know who we are

For those of us who know who we are & where we belong & what we are born to do, feeling lost, insecure or depressed are just reminders of all that.If you did not know who you were, If you had no idea what home is, is your destiny was not apparent to you -you would be unfazed & Unaware of when things are shitty.So often, we feel worst before the very best embraces us.Unstable times are always fucking scary no matter how often we endure them, battles create wounds even for the most empowered warriors but I strongly feel that those who know who they are, where home is & what they are born to do are always connected to all that & the times they feel they are not Is merely a growing period or a rights of passage leading them to where they desire to be & building them into who they need to be to embrace it when they get there.persafuckinvere!
Simara Delilah Rose of Starlit