true love, music, animal liberation

true love, music, animal liberation :
your gonna find that all that you love in this world gets fucked with.Most people won’t see it, most people won’t feel it, most people won’t hear it.Most people will ignore the beauty you love and live for, others will take it for granted and the majority will do grave harm to it-try to annihilate it.It will hurt to love who and what you do.I guarantee it.BUT who and what you love is EVERYTHING.The power of who & what you love is MONUMENTAL.You must believe, you must push past the pain, you must persafuckinvere past the hardship, you must heal the scars of the damage that will be done to all you love.What you love is what makes your life the life it is which is one in a trillion & shimmering with astounding otherworldly inspiration!These dreams you have, these epic connections, they are heaven on earth, they are beyond any shit that kills.I swear to you, what you know in your heart is the truths of bliss, unity, empowerment and mighty timeless illumination.
To all the dreamers & those with soulful beauty non-humans and humans :
(but me tellin you that is only an echo of whats already in your heart )
Simara Delilah Rose of Starlit